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Spot Wireless is the industry leading Wireless Access Solutions Provider for Businesses, small and large! Where ever your spot is, we provide access to people, places and things.

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How you work.

Having the right solution in place is critical to your success.  The needs of your team are unique.  Workflows, application platforms, equipment and experience all play an important role in how you actually get things done.  Spot Wireless can assess your situation and co-author solutions that meet the critical needs of your business.

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Where you work.

Finding business is difficult if you can’t communicate and today’s current environment has challenges that were difficult to anticipate. Spot Wireless can make sure you can go anywhere you need to do business and find the customers to grow your future.

What you work with

Having great equipment or great applications is great, unless you can’t communicate with them.  Spot Wireless offers custom solutions that can meet the needs of your business, by providing constant access or monitoring of your solutions in the field.




What are the advantages of IoT?

IoT can be used for home automation, smart cities, smart power grid, smarter transport, smarter workplace, performance tracking and smarter supply chain. IoT provides more information for better decisions across a range of industries. This can be to improve product quality in manufacturing, device predictive maintenance, improved environmental management, tracking human health, reducing energy usage and raising supply chain tracking.

What is the future of IoT?

The high growth areas for IoT include security and surveillance, supply chain management, inventory and warehouse, facility management, industrial asset management, smart products, energy management and fleet management. IoT can provide more product features to customers, it can be used for managed services of devices, IoT data can help with product evolution, it can help with product consumables reordering, predictive maintenance when needed based on usage and data. IoT can get efficiency by smoother machine control that can improve over time.

Why do we need IoT?

IoT provides the information for us to make better decisions. This includes our personal health information, reducing manufacturing defects, saving us time in transport with best routes, saving power use, keeping supply chains operating at optimum and providing customers with smarter products and services.

What technology is involved with IoT?

Sensors, microcontroller, companion circuit boards, relays, servo motors, Bluetooth networking, Zigbee networking, WiFi, Ethernet networking, LCD displays, touch screens, speakers, RFID tags, home based web servers, home network hubs, Low Powered Wide Area Networks, cellular networks, Internet broadband and cloud computing.

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